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Elf Gifts

An elf is a being of Germanic mythology. The elves were originally thought of as a race of divine beings endowed with magical powers, which they use both for the benefit and the injury of mankind.

Elf / Elves

What are Elves?
Elves are a wood-dwelling human-like species, with pointy ears, known for their warrior skills and nature-fueled abilities. Elves were thought to have magical powers, which can be used both for the benefit and the injury of mankind.

Elves are very reluctant to give out information about themselves.

Foreign Words for Elf

Basque: Duende
Croatian: Patuljak
Danish: Elver
Filipino: Duende
Finnish: Keijukainen
French: Elfe
German: Elfe
Hungarian: Manˇ
Icelandic: ßlfur / Huldufˇlk
Indonesian: Peri
Italian: Elfo
Latvian: Elfs
Lithuanian: Elfas
Malay: Peri
Middle High German: Elbe
Norwegian: Alv / Huldrefolk / Vetter
Old English: Šlf / Ylf / Šlfen
Old Norse: ßlfr
Portuguese: Duende
Scandanavia: Alfar / Huldre
Spanish: Duende
Swedish: ńlva
Turkish: Cin
Vietnamese: Tinh Nghich

Other Similar Names: Dwarf, Gnome, Hidden Folk, Gremlin, Hob, Imp, Leprechaun, Devilkin, Rascal, Scamp, Sprite, Troll,

Iconic Symbols: In Scandanavia in order to protect themselves against malevolent elves, an Elf Cross, (Alfkors, ─lvkors or Ellakors) was carved into buildings or other objects.

The cross existed in two shapes, one was a pentagram. In the 20th century Sweden, the cross was still frequently appearing painted or carved onto doors, walls and household utensils in order to protect against elves.

Did You Know?

The term Elf comes from the Scandinavian Alfar.

History: In Teutonic and Norse folklore, the elves were originally the spirits of the dead who brought fertility. They eventually evolved into a human like species with pointy ears.

Initially there were thought to be two races of elves, Ljosalfar or light elves and D÷kkalfar or dark elves. The light elves were Scandinavian-looking with blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes. While dark elves had black hair and black eyes, and sometimes black skin.



Myths in Culture:

Christianity: In Christian tradition the Elber, or elf was described as mischievous pranksters that would cause disease to cattle and people, and bring bad dreams to sleepers.

European Cultures: Elves were frequently charged with being responsible for many afflictions in European cultures, from hiccups to strokes. Each of the ailments were named:

Elf Locks - tangled hair
Elf Dreams - nightmares
Elf Marked - birth defects
Elf Twisted - strokes
Elf Cake - enlarged spleen
Elf Bolt - disease in cattle

Germany: Elves were a spirit of any kind, later specialized into a diminutive creature, usually in tiny human form. The notable characteristics of elves were mischief and volatility. Elves were believed at various times and in various regions to cause diseases in humans and cattle. Elves were also thought to sit upon the breast of a sleeper and give him bad dreams.

Iceland: Elves in Iceland, were routinely blamed for the theft of babies, cattle, milk, and bread. It was also said one should never throw stone,s because of the possibility of hitting the Huldufˇlk or elves.

Old Norse: Elves in Old Norse mythology were primarily portrayed as females, living in hills and mounds of stones.

Swedish: The ńlvor or Swedish elves, stunningly beautiful girls who lived in the forest with an elven king. They were long-lived and light-hearted in nature. The could be spiteful if offended giving the offender ailments or diseases.

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